How Solar Can Improve Your Travelling Experience

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The use of solar power has become widespread today, with many companies and residential buildings adopting renewable energy sources. You already know about the benefits of using solar energy to run your day-to-day activities, but have you heard of its advantages when travelling?

One of the greatest challenges when taking a trip is accessing electricity for various uses, such as charging phones, cameras and running electric appliances. Accessing the national electricity grid may not be possible while camping in the wilderness or taking a road trip. So, how do you keep your devices fully charged when on the travels?

The simplest answer to that question is solar energy. Solar panels harness sun rays and convert them to electricity for various uses. With portable solar generators, you can run most electronic appliances while on the road. But, how does using solar energy improve your travelling experience.

Less Noise

One of the primary reasons people take hiking or camping trips is to get away from the noise caused by traffic and people in cities where we spend most of our time. So, bringing your generator along might deprive you of your peaceful and serene environment, which is the whole point of spending time in the wilderness.

If you rely on a generator-based setup, you have to fire it up whenever you want to watch TV, charge your phone or cook. The regularity of these activities may mean the generator would be running for the better part of the day and night. Even less noisy generators designed specifically for RVs and camping still produce noise that can make sleeping a little challenging.

Luckily, solar panels produce electricity without causing any noise pollution. If you are camping with your newborn or close to other people, you do not have to worry about causing excessive noise that would create a bad impression or constantly wake your kid up. So, solar energy can create a more peaceful environment for both you and your camping mates, making your travel experience better.

Saves Money

Another way that using solar energy can improve your travelling experience is by saving you money. As we already mentioned, a generator is the only viable alternative for solar panels when camping or hiking in the wilderness. These generators are non-renewable sources of energy as they burn fuel to produce electricity.

With that in mind, they are probably the last option you would opt for if you are working with a tight budget. Luckily, solar panels offer a zero-cost energy production option. After all, you do not need any permit or make any payment to harness the sun’s energy.

Like conventional gas-powered generators, you have to pay an initial cost to purchase your solar panels. However, you do not have to buy fuel or pay for maintenance once you install these panels on your RV for use in the wilderness.

Apart from saving you money in fuel costs, you do not need to worry about breakdowns. Unlike gas-powered generators, solar panels have no moving parts, meaning they can last longer while offering full service.


Another important benefit that solar energy offers you as a traveller is convenience. If you are used to a life with unlimited access to electricity, it may be a little challenging to spend your time in the wilderness, where there is no electricity grid.

In most cases, campers and hikers rely on local help to satisfy their electricity needs on their travels. For instance, you might have to find a shop or home to charge your phone when it runs out of battery. That might be a great inconvenience if you are camping in a remote area. Additionally, it might not be very safe to approach strangers for help in an area you are not well versed with.

With solar panels installed on your motorhome or RV, you do not have to take breaks to charge your device during your hike. Additionally, you can use your electronic appliances, such as cookers and iron boxes, whenever you wish to, making your entire travel experience better.

Freedom to Travel Remote

Apart from convenience, solar energy gives you the freedom to travel anywhere you want. One of the most common challenges many campers and hikers face is that they can never really get away and stay secluded for as long as they need to. In most cases, you have to set up your camp in a popular camping site to ensure you get access to basic needs such as clean water and electricity.

Solar energy ensures you can power almost all the items you need to survive in the wilderness. With the power to maintain lights and purify your own water, you can set up your camp anywhere you want – even in the most remote and secluded parts. That allows you to get more in touch with nature.

Additionally, solar panels ensure you do not cut short your travel due to low amounts of fuel. You can stay in your camp for as long as you wish to as solar energy is a renewable energy source.

Good Air Quality

Experiencing nature and breathing good air quality are the primary reasons most of us pack our stuff and go camping. Everyone wants to get away from the exhaust fumes that create poor air quality in the cities we live in. So, what is the point of having a fuel-powered generator, which emits lots of fumes, in your campsite?

The majority of campers and hikers are environmentally minded – and replacing your generator with a solar panel is your greatest contribution towards a healthy environment. Solar panels have zero-emission, meaning they aren’t harmful to the environment. So, using them protects you from potential carbon monoxide poisoning, which is the entire purpose of getting away from the traffic and poor air quality at home.


Using solar energy can improve your travelling experience in many different ways. For instance, it saves your money on energy bills and ensures convenience.

Additionally, it ensures good air quality as it does not emit poisonous gases such as the traditional fuel-powered generator. So, you might want to switch to solar power if you want to improve your travelling experience.

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