Planning A Honeymoon? Read These Tips First


A honeymoon is a perfect opportunity to get away and enjoy some rest and relaxation with your new spouse. It should be a memorable trip that is considered the time of your life and offers different opportunities to connect and spend quality time with your partner.

Planning a honeymoon? Read these tips first so that you can ensure your travels are worth the money and that you return home glad you got away together. It makes sense you want everything to be just right since it’s the first trip you’re likely taking and experiencing as husband and wife.

Discuss Options & A Budget with Your Partner

You can plan the ideal honeymoon by making sure you’re on the same page as your spouse. As long as they aren’t planning to surprise you about the trip, you should openly discuss options and a budget with your partner. This way you’ll be on the same page and both be satisfied with the final decisions as it relates to your travels. The last situation you want is to be arguing over money as you begin your life together, so make sure to learn ways to save and map out your projected expenses in advance.

Choose A Romantic Destination

What it also comes down to when planning a honeymoon is finding the most romantic and beautiful destination to enjoy as a couple. One idea and that will be just what you need and want for your trip is the Farne Islands. It’s a breathtaking and magical spot filled with gorgeous scenery and boat rides you can take advantage of to get the full viewing experience. You need a location that will be memorable and help you two connect and enjoy a new adventure together.

Decide on Accommodations

Another tip that will help you plan your honeymoon is to do your homework about your accommodations. It’s not a part of the trip you want to leave up to chance or to the last minute. Instead, research possible places to stay in the area and read reviews from other travellers before booking anything. For instance, you may want to choose a hotel or area that’s for adults only and not kid-friendly in your case. Also, read up on what types of accommodations they offer and what other amenities may be included.

Plan Activities & Where to Eat

You want your honeymoon to be a mix of romance and adventure. Therefore, take the time to map out a tentative and loose itinerary in advance. While you don’t need to plan each hour out, you should have a general idea of what you want to do and see on your trip. You’re also going to need to eat and will want to mix in a variety of eateries such as casual spots as well as more romantic dinner nights out.


Your honeymoon will be spectacular, fun, and most importantly, romantic when you follow these tips as you plan. Regardless of what you do or where you go, remind yourself that at least you’re doing it with the love of your life. Be sure to take a lot of pictures and videos that you can look back on one day on all you did and show your kids.

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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