See The Sun And Soar Through The Waterways In A Sinking City

We are of course talking about Venice. If you didn’t know, the beautiful floating city in Italy is actually very slowly sinking beneath rising water levels. Don’t worry, it’s not going to disappear overnight. But it is sinking a lot faster than many predicted. As of right now, 20cm will disappear every ten years.

So, now is the perfect time to visit this wonderful aqua paradise. We’ve talked about some of the unknown parts of this city. But what are the reasons that so many are drawn to Venice? And why should you tick it off your bucket list this year?

The Waterways Are Magical

Wassserstrasse Canale Edge Venice

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We’re not naive enough to think that you haven’t heard about the canals of Venice. We’re sure that you have at least one friend who has talked about the romantic and sensual experience they had. Lying back on a gondola as it drifted down one of the city’s canals. Or perhaps they mentioned how they gazed in awe at every bridge they disappeared under because it was like travelling to a new realm.

They might have even told you how the reflection of the city on the water is so perfect, it looks like a parallel sunken world. But, until you have actually been there and explored it for yourself, you have no idea what those waterways hold.

Lunch Italian Style

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If you have never been to Italy, boy are you in for a treat at lunch time. Lunch in cities like Venice isn’t just about getting a good meal. It’s more about enjoying things like tapas and chiccetti. Small savoury snacks while taking part in lively conversation, that’s what lunch in Venice is all about.

Not just the food but the atmosphere. In fact,  you could have a grand old time doing nothing but a chiccetti tour in Venice. By doing this, you will be able to explore all the different restaurants and treats they have on offer. If you head out in the evening, you can even get a delicious glass of Italian wine with your evening meal.

On The Market

Food Fish Fish Market Market Frisch Sea Animals

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We’re still keeping our sights firmly fixed on the food culture of Venice and now it’s time to head to Rialto markets. There you will find a rainbow of local produce and if you’re Italian is up to scratch, some of the locals might even share the best recipes they have with you.

Don’t count on it thought, Italians are very proud of the food delicacies that they have perfected over the years and the people of Venice are no different.

See The Sunset

Boat Buildings Venice Water Italy Canal River

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Lastly, you might think that Venice is beautiful through the day with the sun lighting up the cobbled streets. It is nothing compared to the beauty that sweeps over this mystical city as the sun begins to fall from the sky and the evening begins. It’s not just the flickering lanterns, nor the peaceful streets.

It’s the festival that you know could be waiting around any corner as you explore and get lost in those narrow streets.

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