The best things to do in Bakersfield

When California calls out to intrepid travelers and visiting friends of Golden State residents, you’re rarely short of something fun and exciting to do. But if you’re really keen to experience something new in a growing City, you may want to add Bakersfield to your list of California pit stops.

While these attractions and hotspots may be well-known in most Bakersfield homes, it’s worth a visit or two for newcomers looking to get a better idea of what makes this area so special. You’ll also end up having a lot of fun!

Here are some of the best things to do and see when you next find yourself in the City of Bakersfield.

Visit Murray Family Farms

This real-life working farm lets your kids learn a little more about the hard work that American farmers put into giving us the yummy fruits and vegetables that can be bought at local Bakersfield grocery stores.

For almost 25 years, over 70 acres of land, Murray Family Farms has been growing a huge variety of goods and selling items on the premises such as freshly made pies, preserves, and more. The only worry you’ll have is about whether or not you should grab another slice!

See the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History

In the Arts District of downtown Bakersfield lies a fascinating collection of fossils from around the area at the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History. They also have some wonderful models of the valleys, buildings, and trails of California’s past, and offer guided tours to truly give you an insight into the wonderful past of the area.

Attend The Gaslight Melodrama Theatre & Music Hall

If you think the title of this family-friendly entertainment hall is a mouthful, just wait until you see the shows! As an unapologetic love letter to comedy and dance numbers from the glory years of vaudeville, each show is packed with good clean fun that’ll tickle your funny bone.

The theater offer drama, singing, and even dance programs for Bakersfield residents who have children who just love to perform.

Take on the challenge of Puzzle Effect

Test your problem-solving abilities and teamwork skills with some of Bakersfield’s most adventurous escape room challenges. Each escape room comes with its very own story and theme to raise the stakes and make the day more compelling for a little friendly competition.

You’ll have an hour to work together and solve riddles, crack clues, and decipher codes that’ll help you to escape. Are you up to the challenge?

Hit The Kern County Museum

Children and adults alike are going to love the events and exhibits that The Kern County Museum put on. With thousands of amazing artifacts to learn about and 56 original buildings to explore, the museum serves as an important reminder of Bakersfield’s past. Their mining and railroad exhibits are a wonderful way to familiarize yourself with where you are, and how it became such an important piece of California history.

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