Things to Do Before Going on Your Ski/Snowboard Trip

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So you’ve booked a skiing or snowboarding trip, and you’re getting excited about going. Maybe you haven’t been up in the mountains for a while, and you’re feeling a little rusty where all things snow are concerned. Before you leave for your trip, there are some important things you should consider doing. By being well-prepared, you can ensure you’re going to be safe during your trip and that it’s going to be a fun time too. Follow the steps below, and you can get ready for your time on the slopes before you leave, whether you choose to ski or take your board.

Check Your Equipment

If you own any ski or snowboard gear, checking it before you go will ensure it’s safe and still suitable for your use. You might need to adjust your skis or snowboard to ensure they are balanced correctly. You should check to make sure that nothing is damaged before you pack it for your trip. You don’t want to take anything all the way to your chosen ski resort and then find out that you can’t even use it. Try on your boots to make sure that they still fit you, and you can do them up securely, and make sure any safety equipment, such as helmets, is in good condition.

Wax Your Board or Skis

Even if you own a snowboard or skis, you might not know that it’s important to wax them every now and then. Waxing helps to protect the board or skis, and it helps to give you a better experience when you’re on the slopes too. If you don’t have a wax kit, you can find some suggestions in this post, as well as more information on why it’s so important to wax your board or skis. A wax kit will include the wax and tools that you need to apply a coat of wax smoothly and easily.

Get New Clothes If Necessary

You might already have some clothes suitable for the slopes, but it’s worth checking them before you pack them. Make sure that everything still fits and provides you with the protection that you need. If you need to buy anything new, it’s a good idea to leave plenty of time to start looking. You’ll have longer to find some bargains by looking in the right places. Make sure you choose the right layers to keep you warm and dry. If you’ve never bought any clothes for snowsports before, some things you might need include thermal layers, salopettes, and a jacket, as well as gloves or mittens and a helmet.

Make Sure You’re Fit

If it’s been a while since you last hit the slopes, you might want to consider your level of fitness. Perhaps you need to take some time to get in shape before you leave for your trip. Obviously, this is something you should think about a while before you leave for your trip. Having a few months, or at least a few weeks, to get into shape will help you to prepare. You don’t necessarily need to be super fit, but having a good general level of fitness will definitely help.

Image from Pexels – Pexels License

Consider Whether You Need a Refresher

You might have been skiing or snowboarding before, but when was the last time you went? Most people only get the chance to go once a year, and some might even not be able to go as often as that. If you haven’t been on the slopes in a while and you’re not sure you remember what you should be doing, it might be a good idea to get a refresher course by having some lessons. Of course, if you’re a fairly experienced skier or boarder, you might start to remember what you’re doing as soon as you hit the slopes.

Sort Out Everything at the Resort

You will also need to make sure that everything is arranged at your chosen resort. You need to have a lift pass that’s suitable for your plans, so explore the options on offer and choose one that’s right for you. If you need to hire any gear, you might need to arrange that before you leave so that it’s ready to collect when you arrive. Other things to consider include transport and, of course, your accommodation and things like food and drink.

Before you leave for your ski or snowboard trip, get everyone in order so that it’s all ready for when it’s time to go. Don’t leave it until the last minute.

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