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How to recover from long-haul flights…and beat the post-trip blues

Photo credit: David, Bergin, Emmett and Elliott via photopin cc As a follow-up article to our comprehensive feature about staying fresh on long-haul flights, here are some ideas for how to cope with coming home again. Returning to the daily grind after visiting a far-flung destination can take its toll both physically and mentally, but you’re [...]

Four times I needed travel insurance – never go abroad without it

Photo credit: pukekoblue via photopin cc When planning your next trip abroad one of the items that should be dealt with first is not the plane ticket or hotel reservation but travel insurance. I know, it’s not the most interesting of expenses in your travel budget and finding that bargain airfare is a lot more [...]

Hidden gems in Spain: Top undiscovered resorts

Thousands of holidaymakers head to Spain every year for a healthy dose of Mediterranean sunshine and laid back beachside living. As it is such a popular destination, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you wanted to find a Spanish resort that is a little less crowded than some of the busier tourist areas. Luckily for [...]