Finally – a way to put all that leftover foreign currency to use!


Since I started this blog it seems like barely a week goes by without an email singing the praises of a new app, website or product that is going to change the lives of each and every Grown-up Traveller.

The combination of my having a healthy dose of cynicism and the fact that the majority of these “genius” ideas fail before the week is out, has meant that I am pretty sceptical about the latest travel start-up. Yet once in a while something comes along that I actually might use, or even better, actually need. And when it does, you can be sure I am going to tell you guys about it.

As you might have guessed by now, that’s what just happened.

Let me present you with a situation I am sure you all find yourself in if you travel a few times a year. When you’re using a foreign currency it’s just so much easier to use a note rather than count out the coins for the exact amount – assuming you can’t put the purchase on plastic.

The rest of the world is a long way behind Scandinavia in moving to cards from cash so you will still be using notes and coins on your travels for some time to come. (The Norwegian government is currently debating whether to stop retailers from having to accept the stuff as early as 2020.)

Of course you missed the charity box at the airport (some places do have them) so that chance of doing something meaningful with the leftover money passed you by too.

So inevitably you end up with a pocket full of loose change which you bring back home. At first you think you might use it again, but never remember to take it with you. Then you resign yourself to the fact that you can fill up a jar or vase (or old beer Stein, in my case) with foreign coins and create some sort of decorative object.

Well have I got news for you: Leftover Currency will accept most currencies and you can send it coins, notes and even money that has been removed from circulation and is no longer legal tender!

You can get rid of those Australian Dollars and exchange Swiss Francs – either for cash that you can use or you can donate the total you would have received to charity!

Still have Greek Drachma or German Deutschmarks? Leftover Currency accepts all 19 pre-Euro currencies.


There are no extra fees, the company takes its cut from the exchange rate so it’s a highly transparent process. They won’t even charge you for sorting it all, either – just send it all in at once.

You can trust these guys, too – Leftover Currency has a remarkable 98% Trustpilot rating and is a registered Bureau de Change under the Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) with registration number 12661656, in case you were wondering.

It won’t take long, either – they pay out within 5 working days. You can receive payment via PayPal, cheque, bank transfer or (best of all) donate it to charity.

So what are you waiting for? Blow the dust of that jar of coins and send them in to Leftover Currency!

Andy Higgs
Andy Higgs

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