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14 Essential Tips for Driving in Iceland


Image (C) Iceland Tourism While touring Iceland by car is high on most sane peoples’ bucket lists, it’s easy to be a little apprehensive about the idea of driving in Iceland. The crime series “Trapped” probably didn’t help, but it’s actually very straightforward. It’s also the best way to explore this amazing country as other options […]

Volcano tourism in Iceland


The incredibly unpronounceable Eyjafjallajökull volcano became notorious in 2010 by closing European airspace due to ash cloud spewing into the atmosphere. The resulting chaos caused a domino effect all over the world and put volcanoes in Iceland firmly on the world map – for the wrong reasons. On the other hand, potential visitors have become […]

Looking to celebrate Christmas a little differently? Try Iceland…


With Christmas looming large on the near horizon you might want to start planning your festive season sooner rather than later. While most people stay home to celebrate it is becoming increasingly popular to spend Christmas abroad. There are those who want to avoid the whole Xmas thing entirely and escape to a country where […]

Iceland – where the outdoors is always great


 by  Billy Idle  When it comes to scenery, snow, glaciers and geysers, there aren’t many destinations to compare with Iceland. Throw in mountains, whales, incredible waterfalls and locals who are warm, friendly and welcoming to a fault and you are well on your way to pinpointing one of the coolest destinations on the map. Since the […]