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Not to be missed – what to see and do in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In response to numerous appeals from first-time visitors to various destinations we’ve caved in to the pressure and decided to publish a series of articles highlighting the popular sights actually worth your time in a given city. The tourist traps, you mean? Well, yes and no. Many of the places we cover will be the […]

Shopaholics now have their own festival – in Dubai, of course

Photo credit: *Crazy Diamond* via photopin cc It seems only fair – music fans have them, movie fans have them, even literature fans have them. I’m talking about festivals; an event for those with a shared interest to gather and enjoy their hobby together. Well, why not shoppers? Okay, it may not be quite the […]

What You Need to Know About Customs & Cuisine in Dubai

Dubai forms part of the United Arab Emirates, and is a predominantly Muslim country. As such, it is very important to check the rules and guidelines when visiting. Photo credit: M.A.J Photography via photopin cc Dubai Tourism There’s no doubt about it: as the hub for business, wealth and technology, Dubai brings in plenty of […]