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Berlin: How to cure ‘Ostalgie’ in three easy steps


Ostalgie? What’s that, some kind of infection? Not exactly. In the words of Wikipedia, Ostalgie is a German term referring to nostalgia for aspects of life in East Germany. It is derived from the German words Ost (east) and Nostalgie (nostalgia). Oh right. ‘Good Bye Lenin’, Trabants and pining for the good old days of […]

Sandy beaches and a tropical climate all year round? Head for Berlin – where else?

DSC_0944 (640x484)

The ice-cold beer helped, it really did. The constant heat and humidity were taking their toll and it had only been ten minutes since I had emerged from the water. A few metres in front of me our daughter splashed around at the water’s edge, gathering a mound of fine sand to build some creation […]

6 of the best…breakfast joints in Berlin

Commons (c) Ayaaa

Berlin’s lack of strict licensing laws means that many bars and clubs stay open round the clock and late nights mean late breakfasts. Indeed breakfast in Berlin often means brunch – there’s no real distinction between the two. As many hotels charge extra for a somewhat lame variant save your money and enjoy a real […]