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Travel with a twist – Stay in an historic holiday home in Italy

One of the main aims of Grown-up Travel Guide is to inspire you to do something different for your next holiday. We try to find new places we know you’ll also enjoy discovering but also original angles on familiar destinations; unusual attractions, ‘hidden’ restaurants and wonderful hotels that you may otherwise miss. But it doesn’t […]

Summer in Sicily: Taormina and Giardini Naxos

Photo credit: Giacomo Carena via photopin cc In 1787 Johann Wolfgang Goethe visited Taormina and described the town as “a piece of heaven on earth” when he wrote “Italian Journey”. Then just as now, everyone who spends time in Taormina is fascinated by its charm and stunning landscape, celebrating it as a unique pearl of the […]

Grown-up Travel Guide’s Best Photos: The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

The design of this amphitheatre cannot be faulted – indeed the Colosseum in Rome has provided the blueprint for all sports stadiums since Roman times. Thankfully such venues are no longer used for the bloodthirsty ‘sport’ the Emperors enjoyed so much. The floor of the Colosseum was covered in sand to absorb the red stuff […]