How expats can have a healthy diet in Qatar

healthy diet in Qatar

Greetings, fellow seasoned travelers! I’m Andy, your trusty guide through the enchanting world of Grown-up Travel. Today, let’s journey together to a land where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern luxury – Qatar. Having swapped my backpack for a suitcase…

Norwegian Folklore and Mythology

Norwegian Folklore and Mythology

Norway has a rich culture of myths, legends, and folklore that have been passed down through generations. Many of these stories originate from Norse mythology and center around gods, magical creatures, nature, and the end of the world. Beyond the well-known Norse…

City Breaks in Germany: Part Three: Hannover

City breaks in Germany: Hannover

This article is part of the series “City Breaks in Germany” “Teaser” with original itinerary City Breaks in Germany: Part One – Lüneburg City Breaks in Germany: Part Two – Celle City Breaks in Germany: Part Three – Hannover   With this…