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Top tips for a unique trip to Paris

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Image (c) Andy Higgs, Grown-up Travel Guide

If you don’t want to take the same trip to Paris that all tourists take, you need to read this post. Paris is a place that tourists love to visit, but everybody does the same thing. If you don’t want to follow the crowd, make sure you use these tips:

Go Shopping at Markets

Many people go shopping in the designer shops in Paris, after all, they are one of the things Paris is famous for. However, there are so many more places to shop too. Shopping at markets will not only mean you find some amazing bargains; you’ll get to soak up an awesome atmosphere too. There are plenty of markets to choose from; flea markets, antique markets, and everything else in between.

Eat at Unique Restaurants

Rather than going to restaurants serving up traditional Parisian food, visit a few unique restaurants to treat your palate. The best restaurants with the most unique dishes are the ones with young chefs. They know what’s hot and they are very creative with their dishes. You can still visit some of the famous Michelin Star restaurants, but make sure you give something different a whirl.

View from Tour Montparnasse, Paris, France

Image (c) Andy Higgs, Grown-up Travel Guide

Take a Good Book

One of the best things to do in Paris is explore the streets with a good book. Spot somewhere pretty, take a seat, and take out your book for a while. You’ll be able to watch Parisian life unfold around you, and you might find some real hidden treasures. There are some amazing parks, cafes, and other unusual places to go. You won’t believe how peaceful you feel!

Stay Somewhere Different

There are so many places to stay in Paris, but if you want a unique experience you’ll need to make sure you find somewhere different. Visit HouseTrip and similar sites to find the perfect backdrop to your stay.

Go to Smaller Museums

Instead of going to the well known, huge museums that everybody knows, go to the smaller museums. These museums will be more digestible for casual fans of history and art, rather than the hardcore fans. Many of the big museums are overrun with tourists. If you’re just making a casual visit, you’ll save money, get around faster, and still get a good dose of art and interesting information.

Do Your Own Thing

Don’t worry about what other tourists are doing or what people you know have done. DO your own thing. If you spot something unusual you think could be fun, go ahead and give it a go! Don’t worry about seeing the Eiffel Tower or any of the other famous sites if that’s not what you want to do. Paris is about so much more than that!

Ready to have a unique trip to Paris? With a place like Paris, you can have a unique time each and every time you visit. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing – following the crowd is boring! Leave any thoughts of your own below. Thanks for reading – come back soon!